Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Beauty | Personalised Goodies

After seeing on their twitter that Beauty Crowd Pro and Crowd Colour were practicing personalising different products for future selling opportunities and were offering to try it out for anyone who contacted them, I had to grab the chance. They very kindly personalised a nail file and a eyeshadow palette for me with my blogs logo so I wanted to show you all.

Crowd Colour recently had a Kickstarter Campaign to help fund their dream of becoming the worlds first, fully customisable beauty brand. The beauty community came together and helped raise over what Colour Crowd originally wanted which is great to see and now they are starting to produce the first lot of palettes. I'm so excited to receive mine and will be sure to do a blog post once it arrives. I look forward to seeing Crowd Colours journey and have my fingers crossed for their success!

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