Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Blogging 2.0

I feel like I'm having déjà vu, sat at my laptop going over and over in my head what to type. The last time I typed up a blog post I believe it was the end of 2017. I was really struggling with blogging while holding down a full time job which was shift work. I had the idea that I had to blog every day to keep up with the competition and it soon turned into more of something I despised doing rather than the fun hobby it had first started out as being for me.

So here I am, the urge to get back into blogging has returned but this time I am viewing it differently. I’m going to enjoy it again and I’m not going to let myself worry that I may not be posting everyday. I’m going to write about what I enjoy most and feel most passionate about. Beauty is my main passion in life but I also hope to write about some lifestyle things too. Sorry for the short post, still getting back into the flow of things,

So I hope you enjoy what’s to come.
Thanks for reading xo.

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